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One of the incredible aspects of hardwood, aside from its obvious beauty, is its durability. There are hardwood floors that were installed 100 years ago that are still in use today. What is the key to this longevity? Maintenance. Committing to caring for your hardwood floors will ensure they look beautiful for years to come. Here are the three keys to maintaining your hardwood from the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough.


Dust may seem harmless aside from its dirty appearance, but don’t be fooled. Dust and debris can create micro-scratches on the surface of your hardwood and dull the finish. Sweep your hardwood every day to keep it clean. We recommend regular sweeping over mopping because excessive moisture can warp and damage your floors. Try to limit mopping to once a month and always dry any excess moisture quickly.


The best way to maintain your hardwood is to protect it. Use mats in front of exterior doors to intercept dirt or water from outside. This will not only protect your floors from potential damage but also reduce the amount of day-to-day cleaning required. Another important protective measure is to reduce the amount of direct traffic your hardwood faces. In areas of your home where lots of people are coming and going, like the hallway or family room, an area rug is effective. It will buffer against the inevitable wear that comes along with continual traffic.


Over time your hardwood will lose its original shine and experience a few scratches in the finish. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to replace the floors. Every five to six years (or as needed) you should re-sand the wood and apply a fresh finish to remove any imperfections. You can refinish a solid hardwood floor up to 10 times before it needs replacement.

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