hillsborough carpet benefits

Carpet often gets a bad reputation in the Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton area relative to natural flooring options. It’s not as durable, and it doesn’t add the same level of value to your home. Despite this, carpet has been a popular flooring choice for years thanks to its affordable price tag and simple comfort. At Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough, we want to tell you about a few other benefits of carpet that you might not be familiar with.

  1. Added Warmth

Carpet doesn’t just add the illusion of warmth to your home with its soft surface. This insulating flooring option can drive down heating costs by keeping warm air inside your home. This is one reason that it’s a great option for cold basements or bedrooms that don’t get a lot of heat.

  1. Cleaner Air

Carpets naturally collect dust and dirt from the air around them. This dirt is then removed from the room when you vacuum. Any family members with allergies will thank you for getting carpet because it will keep the air free of irritating particles and potential allergens. For this benefit to be effective, it’s very important that you keep up on your cleaning tasks. Make sure to vacuum regularly and invest in a yearly professional cleaning.


  1. Luxury

Despite carpet’s reputation for being less expensive, it’s very possible to create a luxurious atmosphere with the right carpet. We especially recommend this option for the bedroom. If you choose a high-quality carpet made from soft wool and a high pile height, your bedroom will feel like the most lavish room in the house!

  1. Safety

If you live with small children or an elderly person, carpet can add an extra element of safety to your home. The forgiving padding that carpet provides will help reduce injury if a child or adult falls. That’s why at Floor Covering International of Hillsborough we often recommend carpet flooring to families with children who are learning to walk or homes of senior citizens.

  1. Soft Sounds

Carpet’s insulating benefits can affect more than the energy bill for your Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton area home. The added padding that carpet provides also helps to deaden sound coming from, and entering into, a room. This makes carpet a great option for upstairs rooms that could create loud footsteps, as well as bedrooms where people seek out a bit of peace and quiet.

Photo Credit: Damien Richard