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Most people agree that carpet offers an unmatched level of comfort underfoot. But different kinds of carpet can offer vastly different appearances and textures, both of which are determined by a carpet’s pile. Today, our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough bring you a quick guide on the most common carpet piles so you can find the perfect fit for your Princeton home!

What is Carpet Pile?

Carpet pile refers to the fibers that make up the top part of the carpet, which is the same part you stand on. There are a large variety of carpet piles, and this guide will focus on only the five most common.

The 5 Most Common Types of Carpet Pile:

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Loop Carpet Pile: Loop pile gets its name from the fact that the individual fibers of the carpet loop into the backing, as opposed to standing straight up. Looped piles are easily cleaned, and highly durable, since the tight loops of fiber leave little space for dirt to hide.

One thing to consider with looped pile carpet is that these carpets tend to provide a lower comfort level compared to other piles. Another thing to know is that though relatively durable, pet claws and playful children can snag this carpet, leaving scuff marks which can last for a long time.

Cut Carpet Piles: Cut pile carpet starts out looped and is cut to leave the pile fibers standing up straight rather than looping into the backing. Cut pile carpets offer greater variation, and most stylish, comfortable, and desirable carpets are either entirely cut or partially cut.

Patterned: Using a mixture of cut and uncut pile, carpet-makers can make a patterned carpet which shows off a design. Patterned carpet designs can be either simple or intricate. Cleaning this pile is usually simple, but one note to consider is that the more plush cut parts will accumulate dirt more quickly.

Plush: Plush is the most standard cut pile available and is a highly popular in Princeton homes and businesses. Due to its straight fibers, plush carpets are highly comfortable underfoot. As a non-luxury item, it garners wide use while allowing for significant tactile comfort and aesthetic intrigue.

Saxony: Like plush, the fibers of Saxony carpets stand up straight; however, they are packed together more densely than standard plush and as a result, saxony is lusher underfoot. Saxony’s biggest con is that it will retain marks from furniture, footprints, and other such forces more clearly than plush carpet. Its more fibrous pile also means it is a slightly more expensive option than plush.

Frieze: Finally, frieze carpets have the longest fibers on this list, and are often treated so they twist and curl. This results in a more textured and visually intriguing appearance and also lends the carpet its nickname of “shag carpet.” Due to its longer fibers, shag offers the greatest amount of comfort of any carpet pile, while with its frizziness, it also offers the most dramatic appearance. Shag can be a particularly ideal option for those who want their home to look inviting and full of life.

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