hillsborough hardwood finishes

There are a lot of choices that have to be made when you decide to get new hardwood floors in your Flemington or Princeton home. At Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough, we enjoy helping our customers through these many tough decisions. One important element to think about is the level of gloss you want for your finish. They range from high gloss to matte, and each has their own unique benefits.


This type of finish is most common in commercial spaces like basketball courts and in old-fashioned spaces like traditional dining rooms. A high-gloss finish highlights the beauty of hardwood, but it also easily shows imperfections and debris on your floor. This means that a high-gloss finish requires more regular maintenance than some other hardwood finishes.


This finish has slightly less luster than high-gloss, but it still reflects a large amount of light off of your hardwood floors. Semi-gloss is a good option for homeowners who want a glossy finish that is still relatively easy to care for. You won’t be able to see imperfections quite as easily as with a high-gloss finish.


Also called low luster, this is one of the most popular hardwood floor finishes we use at Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough. It hides small imperfections easily, while still having a touch of glossiness that highlights the beauty of your hardwood floors. This style works well with a wide range of hardwoods and is seen often in modern homes around Hillsborough, Princeton and Flemington.


If you want your floors to look as though they are unfinished and all-natural, matte might be the perfect choice for you. This finish still protects your hardwood like other finishes, but it won’t reflect light in the way that most other finishes do.

Photo Credit: Carlos andre Santos