wide plank FlemingtonOne of the many features that will influence the overall appearance of your hardwood is the width of the planks. Whether you want the interior design savvy wide plank, a classic standard width, or an interesting multi-width, there are many options to consider. Here is some key information from the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough to help you choose the right plank width for your home.

The Difference Between Wide and Standard Plank Flooring

The standard hardwood width is within the two to the four-inch range. Wide planks are classified by planks ranging from five to ten inches. Multi-width, as it sounds, has a variety of widths generally ranging from two to eight inches.

A Matter of Style and Character

When choosing your hardwood floor it is important to consider your style carefully. Wider planks have a place in both a rustic interior design aesthetic as well as an upscale and modern feel. A standard plank is classic and traditional and the most common plank installed. It is also a popular choice for more formal settings. Multi-width hardwood is the most versatile and works well with a variety of décor.

multi-width hardwood FlemingtonConsidering Your Space and Budget

The size of the room can play a role in your decision when it comes to the width of your floors. Many prefer wider planks in larger rooms because they cut down on the number of seams that will appear on the floor. This can give a large room a more open feel. Wide planks also expedite the installation process. The variety within multi-width hardwood creates dynamic visual interest in a room. It is also budget-friendly because the manufacturer does not have to sort the boards, meaning homeowners can save on the price.

Learn More Today

Plank width is an important decision when it comes to buying hardwood. Find the best option for your home by scheduling a free in-home design consultation with the design consultants at Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through our extensive collection and help you find your perfect match. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.


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