The color of your floors can completely alter the mood of your Princeton home. Whether you’re in the market for hardwood, tile, or carpet, the shade you choose sends a strong message. Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough has compiled some common floor colors and the mood they create.

Light Brown Flooring

This shade is casual, natural, and friendly. A pale beige carpet, birch hardwood, or bamboo flooring can create a bright and welcoming vibe. The light shade will bring a bright and airy feeling to your home, while the off-white coloring will keep things warm and welcoming. Choosing natural materials such as bamboo will create a feeling of natural beauty.

beige carpeting

Red Flooring

Red flooring, such as cherry hardwood or maroon carpeting, is a dramatic and luxurious choice. This shade brings to mind royalty and decadence. A red carpeted bedroom looks expensive, even with a budget-friendly carpet. A vibrant Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is luxurious, while also being welcoming and warm. Red flooring might look expensive and stunning, but it’s also warm, welcoming, and cozy.

cherry hardwood flooring

Gray Flooring

Gray flooring is sleek, modern, and understated. A gray-stained hardwood or wood-look flooring will allow the decor in your home to really pop, while creating a trendy look for your home. Gray carpeting brings a stylish touch that beige just can’t beat. If you’re worried about a home that feels “drab” and “colorless”, just think beyond your flooring – gray allows you to get creative with every other aspect of home decor. Go crazy with paint, furniture, and accent pieces. Gray will match anything.

gray kitchen tile flooring

Dark Flooring

Dark flooring is dramatic and edgy. Dark hardwood flooring is sleek, modern, and eye-catching. Dark carpeting is an intense and daring addition to any home, while also softening the look with a bit of comfort. If you’re looking to make an impression, or capture the essence of elegance, dark flooring is ideal. Black granite tile flooring is luxurious and stunning.

black hardwood flooring

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