Now that fall has officially arrived and the weather is beginning to cool down, it is time to once again think about how to prepare for the coming winter chill. Homeowners in the Princeton area can get a head start and make sure their home is winter weather ready with these simple yet impactful tips, brought to you by the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough.

Mind The Moisture Levels

When the cold weather descends, we often worry about how hot and dry the air in our homes can become. But on the flip side, all the snow and ice that comes with winter can mean a lot of moisture coming into your home, which can damage your floors.

When people come in and out of your home, especially with all the leaves of fall and the snow of winter, it can cause problems for your flooring. Making sweeping and mopping a normal part of your weekly routine can go a long way in keeping your floor clean and protected this season.

Inspect For Water Damage

This should be done routinely throughout the year but the changes of the seasons are a perfect time to do a check around your home for signs of water damage. Small issues can quickly get out of hand, so it is always better to catch issues sooner rather than later. A good thorough check can give you peace of mind.

Get Up On The Roof

Your roof needs a little TLC during the fall to prepare for the coming snow and ice of winter. Get on the roof and look for damaged or missing shingles, damaged gutters cracked flashing, or any other signs of damage that may expose your roof to cold air, snow, and ice when winter sets in.

Consider Insulation Needs

Insulate your home against the cold so you are not wasting money on extra heating. Your carpet is an effective way to add extra warmth to your home, and fall is a great time to consider a replacement if it has become worn. If you have hardwood or another wood alternative, an area rug is an excellent way to add comfort and warmth to your cold floors.

Call In The Experts

The final tip for preparing your Princeton home for the coming cold weather is to call in the experts to assist. Whether you need help with a new floor, area rug, or maintenance and care information, we’re here to help. Contact our experts at (908) 300-5829 or schedule a free in-home consultation. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.


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