At Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough, we know Flemington homeowners love the medley of comfortable and durable carpet flooring. That’s why we’re here to explore all that there is to know about the popular frieze carpeting – one of our softest, strongest carpet materials available.  frieze carpet flemington

Pro: Durability

The word frieze essentially means twist. Frieze carpet fibers are tightly twisted into long strands that flop in every direction. So, when you walk across your carpet, the impact of your steps will evenly distribute onto various points of the twist rather than always at the top. Frieze carpet is incredibly durable for this reason and perfect for homes with busy families or higher levels of foot traffic.

Consideration: Maintenance

When you think of 70’s shag carpeting, you might also think of the ridiculous task of raking the carpet clean. We are pleased to say no rakes are needed for this classy modern shag. However, it is important to consider that the presence of long, twisted fibers makes messes a bit harder to clean compared to a shorter pile carpet. Rather than sit nicely on top of the carpet, spills are free to travel down into the fibers. To combat this, simply ensure your carpet has adequate stain resistance, which our design experts will gladly help guide you through.

frieze carpet Flemington

Pro: Softness

Those long fiber strands that make Frieze so durable also make it incredibly soft and comfortable. This is the perfect carpet material for laying around with your family at the end of a long day or for young children to crawl across.

Consideration: Style and Design

Frieze carpeting has a distinct style that many people refer to as the modern shag. It’s important to consider where you might want to add this plush, soft flooring and what spaces you might avoid. We notice many Flemington homeowners love the addition of frieze to spaces where they want to relax and be cozy, such as bedrooms, family rooms, and children’s rooms. With many colors and styles available, you have plenty of options to choose from!

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