Carpet has a reputation for being less durable than other flooring types. With the right choice in material and style, however, carpet could be a long-lasting option for your home. Floor Coverings International® of Hillsborough is happy to guide you through the best choices for an extremely durable carpet.


Nylon beats out both polyester and wool for most durable material. This material will hold up against flattening, tearing, and fraying. When treated to be stain resistant, nylon will also hold up in that front, too. Many nylon carpeting options come pre-treated for stain resistance.

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When picking the most durable carpeting style, it’s important to look at twist: how many times the yarn of the carpet has been twisted. Styles such as frieze, which has highly twisted yarn, is more durable than carpeting with a loose twist or no twist. The tighter the twist of the yarn, the more resistant to flattening and fraying the carpet will be. The distinct texture of frieze will also aid in concealing spills, footprints, and vacuum marks.


The weight of your carpet matters. Per square foot, a heavier carpet will mean yarn that’s more tightly packed. This increased density of yarn will prevent your carpet from wearing down prematurely. A carpet with low density will start to show its backing sooner.


Light carpeting, though modern and stunning, requires more maintenance and is at higher risk of staining and discoloration. When choosing a carpeting color, it’s smart to go with a mid-toned shade, such as tan or gray. For extra durability, go with a carpet that has mixed colors – such as Berber. The mixed yarn shades will conceal spills, stains, and discoloration.

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