Basement Floor Hillsborough NJ

Most basements in the [franchise_area_served_1] area tend to have the classic basement flooring troubles: cold and wet. Here at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough, we understand that unique challenges of our climate, and are here to help you find the right flooring for your moisture-prone basement

The Challenge of a Basement

Because they’re usually below grade, basements are prone to the larger amounts of moisture than other areas in your home, and can even be the site of the occasional leak or flood. Even if the walls and floor appear dry, a significant amount of moisture is present in the air. The amount of water wicked through a concrete basement wall can measure out to gallons per day!

Best Flooring Options

So, now we know that basement flooring needs to withstand cool, humid conditions and the occasional leak. Your choice of basement flooring also depends on how you intend to use the space. If it’s a casual play space for kids, you’ll want something durable and forgiving. If it’s a space for entertaining, try something more elegant like ceramic tile. Here are our favorite options for basement flooring:

If you decide you want a wood floor that’s either engineered or laminate, keep in mind that they are still somewhat susceptible to warping from moisture. If your basement often floors, we would recommend choosing something more waterproof like tile or vinyl.

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Depending on your choice of flooring, the experts at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough can recommend the appropriate backer material or an underlayment to deaden sound and make the basement floor softer under foot. As you can tell, there are quite a few considerations that impact your choice of basement floors in Hillsborough NJ. Let our experts help you select the basement flooring that’s perfect for you. Schedule your free in-home estimate today!