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So you’re looking to get new floors installed? Congratulations! Choosing and investing in new floors is an exciting decision that can change the entire look of your house and make you feel like you’re living in a brand-new home. And with so many options, you (almost) can’t go wrong.

Here are the top 3 flooring mistakes that others have made so you don’t have to. Keeping these simple things in mind could save you time, money, and frustration—

Mistake #1: Going Too Trendy

Trends are great, but keep in mind that trends can change quickly, so choose the look you want and not the look you think others would want. When you’re picking your flooring, ask yourself, “Will I still love this choice if it’s no longer considered the current trend?” You want to love the floor you have for years to come. Also remember that trends can quickly age the look of a house, especially if you try to sell it with an older look. So as often as possible, choose styles you love that will last. The best floors in Princeton are timeless and classic.

Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Material

Consider the purpose of the room when choosing your flooring material. Does the room get moisture regularly? Is it a high-traffic room? Is the room used for eating or art? Choosing the correct flooring material for your lifestyle is as important as choosing the right look

Mistake #3: Forgetting Transitions

How will your new flooring look with existing flooring you have in other rooms? If you’re not going to use one cohesive flooring option throughout your home (and most people in Princeton don’t!) it’s good to consider how the new floors will transition throughout your house. You can always talk to your contractor about adding wood or stone accents to make the transition look intentional and cohesive. Also, try not to use too many flooring materials in your home. It can start to feel busy or overdone.

Your Local Flooring Experts

Investing in new flooring is a great decision that will benefit you for years to come. Don’t be overwhelmed by your choices. The team at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough is happy to help you understand your options and help you make the choice that is right for you. Schedule your free in-home consultation today. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas. 


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