If you love the look of exotic hardwood flooring, but don’t have the budget to install it throughout your home, it is possible to add touches of beautiful exotic wood in creative features and accents. The dramatic color and grain of woods like Brazilian cherry, teak, and tigerwood can make even small details look luxurious and high-end.

Here are three creative ways to use exotic hardwood in your Franklin Township home, courtesy of Floor Coverings International Hillsborough:

Hardwood feature wall in Franklin Township

Mix and Match for a Unique Feature Wall

If you have always wondered what to do with that blank wall in your bedroom or breakfast nook, adding a feature wall clad in a beautiful exotic hardwood can turn the ordinary into a luxurious and unique part of your home. Work with our experts to find woods that are cut in the same widths and thicknesses, and then randomly place the planks on your wall for a dramatic display. Or cover the entire surface with a single wood for a natural yet contemporary look.

Hardwood floor inlay in Franklin Township

Brighten Your Entryway with a Decorative Inlay

If your entryway feels a little lackluster, a decorative wood inlay could be just what it needs to feel unique and inviting. Brazilian cherry’s deep red hue is an excellent choice that will stand out against more conventional hardwoods. Professional installers can create a star, diamond, or other geometric pattern using Brazilian cherry inlaid between other flooring materials. Your guests will be impressed by the elegant, one-of-a-kind look!

Hardwood bathroom in Franklin Township

Add a Wood Element to Your Bathroom or Spa

If you want to add a natural wood element to your bathroom or home spa, be sure to consider teak. Used on boat decks for centuries, its dense light colored grain resists water damage exceptionally well. With proper maintenance, you can have beautiful teak floors even in high moisture areas like your bathroom.

To learn more about exotic hardwood flooring and how you can use it in your Franklin Township home, give us a call! Our Floor Coverings International Hillsborough experts look forward to helping you find the right flooring for your needs.

Photo Credits: PlusONE, John Wollwerth, Beyond Time