Quiet floors in PrincetonLoud floors are fine for single-family homes and high-traffic businesses in Princeton, but what floors do you choose when you’re living the condo life or simply want some peace and quiet? The key to having quiet floors is getting a material with acoustic absorbency, which makes sure that your footsteps don’t disturb your neighbors below.

Which materials absorb sound the best? Here are three options recommended by Floor Coverings International Hillsborough.


These soft and resilient floors are favorites for those who live in the upper floors of apartments or condos. In fact, many residents have switched out noisy laminate and stone for a more sound-absorbent cork to eliminate the noise complaints they receive from tenants below. Cork is also an environmentally-friendly material that is comfortable to sit and stand on. It not only absorbs sound, but it is also insulated, so you can walk on it with bare feet in the winter without feeling cold.


Overall, this is a classic soft flooring that is great at absorbing sounds. However, some carpet types are quieter than others. For example, plush carpets absorb sounds better than thin, low-pile carpets.  Carpets can also be installed with a soundproofing underlayment to increase their capacity to absorb sounds.

Luxury Vinyl with Soundproofing Underlayment

Though luxury vinyl is made out of resilient PVC, it isn’t very quiet on its own. However, you can add soft underlayments that will make your footsteps quieter. Adding a high-quality underlayment can also create a “cork floor effect”—the space will not only stay quieter, it will be insulated from extreme temperatures year-round!

Whether you’re adjusting to the condo lifestyle or just trying to make your busy household a bit more peaceful, our team can help you find a floor that will absorb sound and quiet your space. Call Floor Coverings International Hillsborough today and schedule a free consultation in Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton.

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