Hardwood floors are a beautiful upgrade to any home, but if you are looking for a more affordable option, look no further. Here at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough, we offer several hardwood lookalikes that possess all the advantages you know about and even some that you might not have considered!

Laminate Wood Flooring

Hillsborough Wood Floor Alternatives LaminateIf you are considering a hardwood lookalike, getting a floor that actually looks like wood is probably the first step! Laminate wood flooring offers that and then some. With plenty of options at your disposal, our experts can help you select the wood type you want to mimic (pine, maple, oak, cherry, etc.) as well as the stain or finish. Thanks to all of the customizations, you can ensure that your new floors are a perfect fit in any room.

Laminate wood floors are considered an engineered hardwood, which means they are manufactured in a shop instead of using real tree logs to create the planks. That’s what makes them more affordable, but it is also what makes them resistant to moisture and scratches. If you live in a home with pets or young children, laminate flooring is an easy-to-maintain option that will stand up to most things that you can throw at it.

Luxury Vinyl

Wood Floor Lookalikes Hillsborough Luxury Vinyl PlankThere are two types of luxury vinyl, and choosing the right one is important but easy. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is manufactured to mimic the look of traditional hardwood, while luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is made to look like ceramic or stone tiles. Both differ from traditional sheet vinyl in that they are installed piece-by-piece as opposed to large sections. This is a driving force in helping the floors appear to be more like the wood or tile they are imitating rather than a cheaper imposter.

One reason homeowners around the Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton areas are loving luxury vinyl planks is because they can go places that traditional hardwood cannot. In most cases you can’t put hardwood in a bathroom, laundry room or basement because of the risk of water damage, but moisture-resistant luxury vinyl is a safe and beautiful alternative for those previously off-limit spaces.

Wood-Look Tile

Wood Floor Lookalikes Hillsborough Wood Look TilesOne other hardwood lookalike is wood-look tile, which is a great example of the advancements and innovations made in the interior design community over the last few years. Wood-look tile is just that, a porcelain or ceramic title that is manufactured to look like wood. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and, like luxury vinyl planks, are a tremendous alternative in rooms and areas where wood should not go.

Take The Next Step

Our primary concern at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough is helping you make the right flooring choice for your home, and we are dedicated to doing whatever we can to help you reach that decision. Whether you are ready to choose a hardwood lookalike or you have more questions, be sure to schedule a free in-home estimate today! One of our experts will come to you with samples to help visualize how the floor of your dreams can become a reality.

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