Carpet tile in Franklin Township

Here at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough, we’re excited to bring you unique flooring solutions for every space in your house. Carpet tile is an affordable and modular carpeting that installs in the same set and lock fashion as laminate flooring and other engineered flooring. The versatility of carpet tile can be put to use around many areas of your Franklin Township home. Here are three examples of rooms that may benefit from carpet tile:

The Living Room

The living room is where people gather to talk, watch television, work on small projects, or relax. It’s also where they like to snack, wrestle with the dogs, or do finger-painting with the kids. Inevitably, some mess ends up on the floor, but hard flooring can take away that cozy feeling. Carpet tile lets you keep the soft comfort of a fabric floor without the agony that comes with your grandson painting a smile on your antique Persian rug.

The Nursery

It’s no surprise that kids and babies can be messy. When it’s not a fistful of spaghetti being used to create wall art, it’s running around in circles while flinging bright red juice on every stainable surface. Carpet squares in the nursery can absorb the force of nature that is early childhood, and you can even make a project out of taking a tile and dyeing sections with footprints, names, and pictures. Once the kids have calmed a bit, you can replace the carpet tile with a more permanent flooring option.

The Workshop

While it may sound like sacrilege to put carpet in a place where you’re expecting spills of oil and grease, it actually adds a layer of cushion that makes it easier to stand or kneel for long periods of time. That cushion can also save hours of hard work by reducing the damage taken by anything that you accidentally drop. If a catastrophic spill does occur, the damaged squares can be replaced whenever you feel like it.

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Photo Credit: WorldWide