Carpet occasionally gets a bad rap in Hillsborough compared to hardwood, stone, tile or other flooring options. And while some of the points are true – generally, the other floors are more durable and will add more long-term value to your home – there is plenty still to love about carpet. Here at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough, we outlined 5 benefits of adding carpet to your home.

carpet flooring hillsborough

1. Warmth

Walk into any room that has carpet floors and it immediately looks warmer and more welcoming than if the same room had wood or tile floors. But it’s so much more than just the aesthetics! Carpet is an insulator that will keep warm air inside your home and help to drive down the cost of your heating bill. For this reason, it may be the perfect option in your finished basement!

carpet hillsborough2. Cleaner Air

Have you ever vacuumed over a carpet and noticed how much dirt and dust had collected over time? While it’s certainly not fun to think about, consider this: all of that dirt and dust still exists in rooms with wood floors, but instead of being trapped in the carpet it is circulating around the air and being breathed in. Carpets attract and contain allergens and irritating particles, keeping them out of the airflow and acting as an air purifier. Be sure to vacuum regularly so they don’t build up over time.

3. Safety

Whether your home is active with young children or elderly folks, carpet is a great added layer of safety to prevent unnecessary injuries. For starters, carpet offers more secure footing than wood or tile, particularly on stairs. Furthermore, if falls are unavoidable, landing on cushioned carpet is certainly more pleasant than unforgiving stone or wood.

4. Soft Sounds

In topic number 1, we mentioned the insulation that carpet provides and how that keeps rooms warm. Well, it isn’t only heat insulation. Carpet also provides sound insulation, helping to deaden sound and preventing the waves from carrying throughout your house. Because of this, carpet is a tremendous option for upstairs rooms to prevent footsteps from carrying or in bedrooms where you seek peace and quiet after a long day.

5. Luxury carpet hillsborough

While you may not think of carpet as the most luxurious option for upgrading your home, there are certainly way to elevate the sense of luxury with carpet, especially in the bedroom. As always, consult with our experts at [franchise_area_name] to make the perfect decision, but a soft wool carpet with high pile can make your bedroom feel like a luxurious escape day after day.

Take The Next Step… On Carpet!

Hopefully we have opened your eyes to carpet flooring. It certainly isn’t your only option, but to ignore it completely during a flooring upgrade could be a mistake. For the 5 reasons we mentioned above and for so many others, be sure to reach out to schedule a free in-home estimate for your Hillsborough home today!

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