It’s hard to argue that there is a more important room in your home than your bedroom. A bedroom is more than just a place for you to sleep and recharge, it is the structural embodiment of your personality. Your haven and hideaway, it is the one place you can be totally yourself and completely private. That’s why Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough, Flemington, and Princeton, NJ believes that choosing the right flooring option for your bedroom is so important. Here are the floor covering options that are the most likely to take your bedroom from simple sleeping quarters to your favorite room in the house.

Plush Carpeting

Plush carpeting is the go-to bedroom flooring option for many people. When you think of traditional wall-to-wall carpeting for a home, chances are the carpet type that comes to mind is plush carpet. Plush carpeting is frequently deep, cut pile and feels luxurious and soft underfoot. This makes it a great bedroom flooring option, as you’ll be as likely to want to sleep on the floor as the bed when you have a newly installed plush carpet underfoot. Keep in mind that plush carpets are not very durable and tend to have greater crush levels, meaning that the fibers get bent down under furniture for instance, and cannot be revived to their original fluffiness.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been making gains as a bedroom flooring option recently, especially among those who value a more streamlined aesthetic. Hardwood is much harder underfoot, so it won’t provide the same sort of comforting softness that you’ll find with a plush carpet, but it is still a great flooring option for any bedroom. There are a wide variety of looks that you can go for with hardwood flooring, with tones ranging from warm red oak to pale beech. Hardwood flooring is also likely to add resale value to your home.

Area Rugs

If you want the best of both worlds here, an area rug is the ideal way to bridge the gap between wall-to-wall carpeting and a solid floor covering like hardwood. Area rugs will give you an even greater breadth of variety to choose from as far as style goes. For the modernist there are minimal monochrome rugs and abstract patterns, while the traditionalist can stick to rugs like ornate Orientals. If you damage an area rug, it will be much less hassle to simply replace it, rather than redo your entire floors, and you have the ease to change your flooring style quickly and easily at will.

Frieze Carpeting

Going back to carpeting, frieze carpeting (pronounced free-zay) takes the comfiness of plush carpet and kicks it up a notch on the luxury scale. Sometimes confused with shag carpeting, frieze carpeting has a very long pile of twisted fibers. The twisted quality of the carpet’s fibers actually make it quite durable in comparison to other carpet types, such as plush. Frieze carpeting has a better crush rate, although it can be prone to ‘blooming,’ which is when the twists begin to unravel. Frieze carpeting brings a touch of luxury to your bedroom and will always be comfy and comforting underfoot.

Cork Flooring

While people don’t tend to think of cork flooring for their bedrooms, cork is actually an excellent bedroom flooring choice. Cork is a very ecofriendly flooring material, even more so than more recognizably green floor coverings such as bamboo. Cork is a natural material, made from the bark of the cork oak, which is sustainably harvested in countries such as Portugal. Beyond simply easing your conscience as you fall asleep, cork flooring is a great bedroom flooring because it is a resilient floor covering. This means that it is soft underfoot, so while it isn’t as plush as carpet, it’ll never leave your soles sore. Cork is also known for being quite warm underfoot, so your toes will be cozy on cold winter mornings.

Whichever floor covering you choose for your bedroom, let Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough, Princeton, and Flemington, NJ help you along the way!