Whether you’re building a new home or looking to make some renovations this year, it’s time to consider carpet flooring. Here at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we are experts in installation. There are many upsides to having this great flooring option installed, here are a few.


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The Beauty of Versatility

One of the greatest benefits of installing carpet floors in your home is the versatility! There are endless options when choosing the perfect carpet. Our partnerships with leading carpet manufacturers allow us to prove an endless array of colors, textures, and styles! We offer high-quality carpet flooring that fits any style.

Creating a Comfortable and Warm Environment

Bring more of that warm cozy feeling to your home by installing carpet flooring. Carpets help insulate your home during the colder months. The carpet fibers maintain the warm temperature in your home thus lowering your heating bill. Carpets also help shock absorption and are a safer option than hardwood flooring. Looking for more comfort? A high pile carpet has a plush feel and provides added cushion beneath your feet.

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Saving Time With Easy Maintenance

Carpet flooring can be a long-lasting option for your home when treated correctly. Luckily, it’s easy to keep a clean space with this option. Carpets tend to trap dirt or pet hair but make a point to regularly vacuum your space. The time you save by keeping your floors maintained allows you more freedom to spend time with family and friends!


A Good Night’s Rest With Sound Proofing

Another great benefit of installing carpet flooring is the soundproofing it provides. Sound carries easily in rooms without carpeting. Installing carpet flooring in the bedroom allows for a higher quality of sleep since it absorbs sound and keeps the outside noise levels down.


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Pet-Friendly Options

Carpet flooring is still a great idea for your home if you own pets. No need to be concerned with additional heavy-duty maintenance. We partner with STAINMASTER® to provide you with a carpet that safeguards against stains, dirt, and pet hair.

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