Best Carpet Choices for Pet Owners Floor Coverings International HillsboroughWhen you’ve got a little pup or kitten running around your Franklin Township home, the ruination of your flooring can feel inevitable. Floor Coverings International Hillsborough has compiled some key qualities to look for when searching for pet-friendly carpeting that will help you to protect your floors while offering a comfortable option for your little Fido or rambunctious Garfield.


There are several styles of carpeting that will work better for homeowners with pets. You will want to usually steer toward cut pile carpeting as loop pile carpet can result in the claws of your animals getting caught in the looped fibers. This can be painful for them and can result in ripped up sections of the carpet that stand out from the rest of the tightly woven surface. Some great cut pile carpets include frieze, plush, and saxony.

If you have pets that don’t tend to scratch at the flooring, then a loop pile carpet may be a nice, durable option for your home. Loop pile flooring tends to be a little tougher and will not look worn down as quickly as many cut pile options.


The material in your carpet will greatly affect the level of damage your pet is able to enact upon it. If you are primarily concerned about stains, then polyester is a good way to go. This material, which is essentially a type of plastic, is hydrophobic and extremely stain-resistant.

If you have an extremely well-behaved pet that doesn’t scratch or otherwise cause damage to your home and its floors, then wool can be a great carpeting material to use. Wool is extremely soft, which will feel great on both your pet’s paws and your bare feet. It is also a great carpet choice for health reasons. Wool is a natural material that doesn’t give off dangerous emissions and actually reduces the level of various pollutants in the air of your home. This helps to keep the air cleaner for you and your pet.

Nylon is probably the most popular material to use if you have pets. It is extremely durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. It also is not easily tamped down, which will keep your floors looking new for a longer period of time. This material is ideal for homeowners with pets that tend to run wild and need help protecting their carpet flooring.

Best Carpet Choices for Pet Owners Floor Coverings International Hillsborough

Other Considerations

Be mindful of the color you select. If you are worried about staining, try to find a darker carpet or one that has a pattern that will camouflage accidents well. You may also want to consider carpet tile. As opposed to broadloom carpet, that is usually laid down as one or two large pieces, carpet tile is laid down like actual tile, one at a time. Instead of having to re-floor your whole room if the carpet gets torn up in one section, you’ll only need to replace the carpet tiles that have been damaged. This will save you time, money, and headaches.

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