In today’s flooring market, nylon is often considered the gold standard of synthetic carpeting, but at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we don’t think that’s the whole story. Keep reading to discover the benefits of both nylon and polyester carpeting. We can help you make the right carpeting decision for your home in Franklin Township.

Nylon- Strong and FlexibleNylon Carpeting in Hillsborough

For strength and flexibility, nylon is the choice for you. Nylon is the most versatile of all the modern carpet fibers. Nylon has a good “yarn memory” and it can hold a variety of carpet styles, from an easy-going loop to cloud-like plush. Nylon is very strong so it is well suited to especially active households or commercial spaces. Nylon carpeting can also be treated for stain resistance, and it will hide soil very well. This versatile carpet type is best for homeowners who need extra resiliency or are looking for a specific style of carpet that is well suited to a nylon construction.

Polyester- Stain Resistant and Wallet Friendly

Polyester Carpeting in HillsboroughIf cost and stain proofing are your top concerns, than a polyester carpet is the choice for you. Polyester is known for being exceptionally easy to clean, and many homeowners who have chosen this carpet material come back with stories about set in stains that lifted miraculously with simple household products. For homeowners who are concerned about staining (especially pet owners or the parents of young children) polyester is a great choice at an attractive price point.

One downside of polyester fiber is that it’s not as physically durable as nylon. That said, if your polyester carpet is well constructed it will stand up well to regular wear and tear. To maximize the strength of your polyester carpeting, choose a higher pile and a medium-high density. These factors will greatly improve the lifespan of your polyester carpet, keeping it better looking for longer.

The Bottom Line

Stain treated nylon is the best option for your high-traffic hallway or living room. Save money by installing well-made polyester in a guest room without much foot traffic. We promise that your in-laws won’t notice; polyester is actually very soft and pleasant underfoot. Finally, the lower price point and natural stain resistance of polyester make it a great choice for children’s playrooms

At Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we can offer you the right carpet for every room in your home. Just give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the process of choosing the perfect carpet flooring for your home in Franklin Township.

Pictures by Artazum, Oksana Kuzmina