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New flooring is a big investment in time and resources. When tackling a flooring project you want to be sure to choose a professional who can do the job reliably. Where do you look, and what factors should you consider in the best contractor? Here are a few quick tips to get you started on finding the right flooring professional in Princeton.

Is the Flooring Professional Licensed?

While requirements may vary depending on the state, the Flooring Contractors License typically requires at least four years of experience in the trade. It requires a passing grade on licensing exams, a background check, proof of working capital, surety bonds, and worker’s compensation for any hired employees. What the license does for you is it guarantees that the contractor you hire has proven experience in flooring.

Is the Flooring Professional Insured?

In the best-case scenario, everything will progress perfectly, and you’ll have a beautiful floor that will last you a lifetime. What if something does go wrong though? Does the flooring professional have insurance that will cover for injury, damage, mistakes, or other unexpected mishaps? It will be great to know you never needed it when you’re all done with the project, but you should protect yourself upfront by making sure the flooring professional is covered.

Is the Professional Experienced in the Type of Flooring?

In most cases, you’d probably be safe in thinking that the flooring professional has already worked with the material that you’d like to have installed in your home, but it’s always important to ask. There could be instances where you need to have more difficult material installed. In those instances, in particular, it’s important to find out if the flooring professional has experience with those types of material.

What Do Their References Say?

No matter how great the flooring professional looks on paper, you still need to call their references and find out what people say about their services and support. Remember, not every installation will turn out perfectly, and there can be a multitude of factors involved. When you ask around, you want to know those clients who were enthusiastic in their support, but you can also look at those who were less than thrilled. Find out how they handled mistakes and mishaps. It will give you insight into what you can expect if your installation is less than perfect.

Get Started Today In Princeton

Look for a flooring professional in Princeton who is well-respected, someone you can trust with one of your most valuable and cherished possessions: your home. At Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we are proud to be one of the top flooring companies in Princeton. Want to learn more? Schedule a free in-home design consultation today. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.


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