French-themed home decorating is an excellent way to give your home a cozy and chic appearance. Of course, it is a great choice for those who love French style and culture. However, the beautiful color palette, cushy atmosphere, and pretty decorations make it a hit in any household. There are two main themes of French home decor: Parisian chic and French country. In this posting we will be dealing with the French country style – here is our quick guide to the most common elements of this type of decor, and how to incorporate it in your home.

Color Palette

Earthy wood tones and light shades are the most prominent colors featured in French country decorating. Some popular patterns include florals, leaves, and other nature-themed prints. French country decor highlights the beauty of nature, so furniture, art, and decorations are often painted with scenes featuring flora and fauna. Even though patterns are encouraged in French country decorating, you should still use warm earth shades and off-white to give balance and break up clashing patterns.

Flooring & Fixtures

Two buzzwords of French country decorating are rustic and lived-in. This goes for flooring, fixtures, furniture, and decorations. You want the key style elements of your home to look antique and distressed to truly fit in with the French country theme.

Antique or hand-scraped hardwoods are both excellent flooring choices. You could also go with lightly colored, large tiles or even brick flooring to give your home that rustic countryside look. French country decor favors hard surface flooring, but feel free to add gingham or toile-print area rugs to soften the space. Toile print is an integral part of French country decor. Toile, or “toile de jouy”, is a print that features cute landscapes and figures.

Furniture & Decorations

Because wood tones are such a big part of the color palette, it makes sense that wood furniture is important to creating a French country theme. Antique wooden furniture, cabinets with a distressed finish, and exposed beams are all great ways to achieve this look. It’s easy to find vintage wooden furniture for cheap at antique stores and rummage sales, and distressing your existing furniture and cabinets is also simple with a do-it-yourself distressing kit.

Folk and craft art make for excellent decorations in a home with a French country decorating scheme. You want pieces that look vintage and homemade, with a nature or countryside theme. Cows, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals are very common in French country interior design. This farm theme can be found in toile fabric, in figurines, and in paintings and illustrations. Fresh flowers are also a huge part of the French country style. Try and include jars and buckets of fresh or silk flowers on your end tables, in the kitchen, and in the dining room.

Hopefully this quick overview could help you get a better sense of the important parts of French country interior decorating. Now you can incorporate these style elements to achieve an inviting, rustic mood in your home.