carpet HIllsborough We love to feeling of padding across our plush carpet, but have you ever wondered how it came to be? Carpet has been a household staple for over 2500 years. From the days of being handwoven, carpet manufacturing has evolved to meet the rapid demand we experience today. Here is an overview of the carpet manufacturing process from the experts at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough.

Fiber To Strand

Carpet begins as loose fiber ranging in material from nylon to wool. At the beginning of the process, a machine will heat and lubricate the fibers, forming them into strands. These strands will then form the part of the carpet that we see and walk on.

Creating The Carpet

The backbone of a carpet is the underside piece of fabric called the carpet backing. A needle pushes the strand of fiber through the backing and forms a loop. Modern machines use hundreds of needles simultaneously to speed up the process and cover the entire backing. If it is a cut pile carpet, the loops are then run over sharp knives to cut the pile loops.

The Dyeing Process

Carpet dyeing can occur at different stages of the manufacturing process through various methods. One method is to boil the completed carpet in water and dye. They can also roll the carpet through a machine that will spray it with color, or dye the strands before they are woven into a carpet.

Finishing Touches

The final stage of the process is when the carpet is carefully inspected for any imperfections. An employee will check for any irregularities, trim the fibers, and use a pile gun to fill any sparse areas. Then the carpet is officially complete and ready for installation in your home.

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