hillsborough guest room It goes without saying that you want guests to feel cozy, relaxed, and refreshed while they are staying at your home. However, since guest rooms don’t get used as often as other rooms of the home, they are often ignored when it comes to interior decorating. In fact, most of them end up becoming a glorified clutter closet. Here are some tips on how to make your guestroom a place where guests will want to come and stay again and again.

Make It Functional

Adding some extra touches to your guestroom will make it a room where visitors can be productive as well as relax. One good idea is to include a desk or worktable in your guestroom in case your visitor is on a work trip or needs to work while they are staying at your house. This will be much more comfortable for your guests than working in a coffee shop. It is even more comfortable than having them work in your own home office, because the guestroom provides a more private workspace. Another good fixture to have in a guest bedroom is a power strip, so your visitors can charge all of their electronics easily.

Neutral Decor

Using neutral colors doesn’t have to be boring, and it will create a more calming atmosphere for your guests. Tan and brown shades will give your guestroom a warm, earthy look that will make the room feel more inviting and lived-in. When it comes to furniture, wooden bedframes and desks will complement a warm neutral color palette very well. You want your visitor’s stay to be as restful as possible, so lighter, paler shades of these warm neutrals will be the best choice for a relaxing atmosphere.

If you don’t want to go for neutrals when decorating your guestroom, you could also choose a soft blue, green, or purple shade. All of these colors promote relaxation and tranquility.

Go For Comfort

Most importantly, you want your guests to feel comfortable and more at-home than they would if they were staying at a hotel. Make sure you include fresh linens, towels, and a selection of toiletries for your guest to use. It’s also a good idea to invest in some high thread-count sheets, so that the bed in your guestroom will feel more luxurious. Opt for noise and light-canceling curtains so that your guests are guaranteed restful nights of sleep in your home. Another nice, small touch is to include a pitcher of water and some glasses for your guests. Also, it’s good to have a large wall mirror in your guest bedroom so your visitors can get ready in their own room.

As for flooring, you should outfit your guestroom with a very soft, plush weave of carpet for maximum comfort. This will make your guestroom even more relaxing than a hotel, because hotels have to use sturdier commercial-grade carpet instead of a plush weave. If you try out some of these ideas when redecorating your guestroom, your visitors are sure to prefer your home over staying at a hotel!