Life is busy. At the end of a long day, it’s important to have a place to escape. If your bedroom is not conducive to relaxation, you won’t truly disengage and have the opportunity to unwind. At Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we believe that your bedroom should be a place where you love to spend time. Here are a few tips for improving the tranquility of your bedroom.

carpet in hillsboroughCreate Comfort

The first step to making your bedroom a tranquil space is to make it comfortable. Indulge yourself by installing a plush carpet with a thick carpet pad. This will give it a nice cushion that will make it soft and comfortable to walk on. If you love your hardwood or are not ready for a new floor, area rugs are an excellent alternative. With a variety of different colors and styles available, you can find the perfect rug to match your décor and elevate the comfort level in your space.

Calming Colors

Bright vivid colors are fun, but they are not always the best choice for your bedroom. If you’re looking to create a calming effect in the space, choose colors that are conducive to that. White and other soft colors have a soothing, relaxing effect on the mind. Cool blues, light greys, and soft greens are also great choices if you want a little more color in your room.

bedroom carpet in hillsborough

Go Green

Exposure to nature has been proven to improve our physical and mental well being. While we don’t always have the time to be outdoors, you can always bring nature inside. Keeping a plant in your bedroom can reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. Certain species of houseplants can also purify the air in your room.

Get Started Today In Hillsborough

From soft carpet to stunning area rugs, we have helped homeowners throughout Hillsborough transform their bedrooms. If you’re interested in getting started on your own bedroom-flooring project, contact our design consultants at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough for a free, in-home consultation. We are here to help you create a bedroom that you love, and we are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.

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