Embrace the Industrial Look 

hillsborough concrete floors
Just because your floors are concrete doesn’t mean they can’t be chic. One of the hallmarks of a modern design aesthetic is an embrace of industrial elements. Features like exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and open ventilation have become not only acceptable, but desirable in many modern interiors. Concrete floors are similar. As long as you don’t mind a more utilitarian look to your home, letting your cement floors stay unabashedly bare can keep your home just as unabashedly contemporary and stylish.
hillsborough concrete floors

A low cost way to make your concrete floors friendlier, if your personal style is more cozy than contemporary, is to paint or stain your floors. When painting concrete, be sure to use a paint that is specifically intended for that purpose. Wall paint will not cut it. Don’t forget to prime and seal! Acid staining is another option that can dramatically change the look of your floors, giving them rich, marbled patterns so that they look more like tile or stone.


Aside from simply embracing the industrial look, your cheapest and easiest option is to go with a floor rug. With choices from oriental to shag, there is a floor rug to match any aesthetic, and being easier to clean and maintain than wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs are super low-maintenance. If you decide to try another flooring option you haven’t made any permanent changes, and it’s easy to change the look of your room in a pinch.


Stamping your concrete is probably the most intense option. While this route may take more time and effort than the others, it can lead to the highest rewards. Stamped concrete is when a floor is etched or embossed in a pattern. This method is often used to make concrete floors look like slate or tile, but can also be done more artistically, using any design you might want. You can use the stamped concrete option to make your floor resemble a different floor type, or to add creative designs and patterns. This is by far the option with the most opportunity for imagination.