vacuuming carpet in Princeton homeIf you have carpet in your Princeton home, we recommend vacuuming it at least once a week—or more often for high traffic areas—to ensure it lasts its intended lifetime. However, at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough we also recognize this can be a difficult recommendation to carry out. If you struggle to make the time to maintain your carpet, read on for some tips on how to vacuum like a professional cleaner.

Master the Technique of Vacuum Lines

How do you vacuum your carpet? Do you push the vacuum cleaner around like a lawn mower, walking over the freshly vacuumed areas as you go? Professional cleaners are trained in the technique of vacuuming with vacuum lines, and you can do this in your home too.

When a professional cleaner vacuums carpet, he pushes and pulls the vacuum cleaner only as far as his arm can reach. The vacuum is pushed forward in a straight line, and then pulled back at a slight angle. Then the cleaner re-straightens the vacuum and pushes forward again. This process is repeated over and over again, vacuuming the carpet in an “M” or “W” pattern. Rather than walking forwards or backwards, the cleaner moves sideways towards the opposite wall. Once the opposite wall is reached, the cleaner steps backward and repeats the same pattern moving towards the starting wall.

Vacuum Your Way Out

vacuum lines seen in Princeton carpet

If you have plush or Saxony carpet, mastering the technique of vacuum lines will leave an impressive pattern in your freshly vacuumed carpet. Don’t tarnish all that hard work by walking over your carpet just to unplug the vacuum cord. Professional cleaners are trained in this practice as well. They start by walking the vacuum to the farthest corner from the entrance of the room. Then they unwind the cord and walk it out to an outlet by the entrance. This ensures that the cleaner has enough cord to vacuum the entire room and prevents any footprints from being left in the carpet.

Perhaps you’re in the market for new carpet for your Princeton home. If so, call the team at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough and schedule your free, in-home consultation and estimate. Our design associates work with you to find the best flooring product for your space. Using our mobile flooring showroom we bring all our samples straight to you!

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