When trying to improve the resale value of a home, one of the first things that should be on your list of things to address is the flooring. Having floors that are tasteful, in good shape, and durable will greatly increase buyer interest in your property. Read on for our recommendations on getting the most from your floors when it comes to adding value to your home.

Keep it simple

Odds are, that funky tile pattern you saw in a magazine won’t be in style thirty years down the line. If you want to make your home truly valued in a seller-market, then make sure you pick a flooring style that looks good in any decade. Think about classic dark hardwood- it’s a timeless favorite for a reason!

Do regular maintenance on your floors, whether you plan to sell or not

Make sure you are taking care of your floors so that you not only make them last as long as possible for yourself (and the money you put into them), but so you can impress potential buyers if and when you ever decide to sell.

Keep your floor style consistent throughout the house

Try not to mix flooring types in multiple rooms. Having the same material consistently throughout your home will greatly increase its value. The same goes for the color/style of your flooring—if you have dark carpet in the living room then make sure the carpet in the dining room is the same.

Don’t compromise on durability

Think long-term when it comes to your flooring choice. Make sure you’re installing something that is going to last and always look great—even in the high traffic areas of your home. This doesn’t always have to mean hardwood or tile, laminate is generally a more affordable option and will last you just as long, if not even longer!

Ready to Get Started?

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