Every man deserves a man cave, a place where he can be himself and not have to worry about anything or anyone else. Whether you’re a sports fan who wants their room decked out in jerseys, a card shark with a pool and poker table, or you just want a room with a big screen and fridge full of beer, the best way to start your personal man cave is at the bottom, with the floor. That’s why Floor Coverings International has these suggestions on the best flooring options for your Hillsborough man cave.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Who doesn’t like the look of hardwood floors? They’re classic, sleek, and look masculine and rustic while requiring fairly little maintenance. But if you’re going to be flooring your man cave, go for the engineered variety rather than traditional, solid hardwoods. If you aren’t familiar with it, engineered hardwood is made from layers of mismatched hardwoods and softwoods that are fused together and then topped with a veneer layer with the look of the desired wood for your flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring tends to hold up better to moisture and humidity fluctuations than solid hardwood flooring. This means that if you spill your beer, it’s less likely to warp your floor than if you were using solid hardwood flooring. Furthermore, if your basement happens to be your man cave, you probably can’t have hardwood floors unless you use engineered hardwood anyways, because solid hardwood cannot be installed below grade. For the look of real solid hardwood, engineered hardwood generally comes cheaper, and is better for the environment, as well as your man cave.

Slate Tile Flooring

If you’re man cave eschews coziness and embraces a darker, cooler, masculine look, slate tile flooring might be a good choice for you. Slate is a natural stone flooring option, but it is on the low end pricewise, as compared to other stone floors such as granite or marble. Slate is a metamorphic rock that is known for its hardness, cleft surface and unique coloring. Slate is typically fairly dark in color, and you can get slate that is nearly black, as well as very dark gray and green. Some slate comes with hints and tones of other colors though, depending on the mineral content of the soil in which it was formed. Slate is easy to clean if you don’t feel like vacuuming much, and its rugged, rustic look is sure to appeal to a masculine aesthetic.

Berber Carpet

If you want something a bit softer underfoot, but not plush enough to make it feel like your bedroom, your best bet is berber. Berber carpeting originated as a style in North Africa and is constructed of tight, upright loops of fabric, which make for a carpet surface that is firm and flat. Unlike cut pile carpets, which tend to be softer and plusher, berber carpets have a low pile height. Dirt and dust tends to sit on the surface of berber carpets so that they’re particularly easy to clean, and the low pile height makes it resilient against heavy traffic, so gaining a beer gut won’t kill your carpet. You get more variety of color and pattern with carpeting as well, so if you want flooring in your favorite team’s colors, carpet is the way to go.

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