Shabby chic, or “cottage”, style has been one of the most popular home decorating styles for many years. Cozy, delicate, lived-in fixtures, furniture, and decorations are the key aspects of cottage style. In a typical shabby chic home, you’ll see print mixing, a delicate color palette, and vintage style furniture and decorations. Achieving this look can be quite difficult, though; it’s not easy to make something shabby chic instead of just plain shabby. Here are our tips for creating that cottage look in your home.






When it comes to furniture, delicate, vintage pieces are your best bets for achieving a shabby chic look. Antique, distressed wood or metal furniture painted white or another neutral or pastel shade will both help with a cottage feel. Light wood and white painted pieces will help bring together the mismatched patterns of shabby chic décor and make it a more cohesive decorating scheme.

You should also look for furniture with scrollwork patterns or other Victorian details, because these are very common in cottage style. You’ll find a lot of great cottage style furniture at estate or rummage sales and antique stores. Don’t be afraid to select furniture that has chipped paint or a weathered appearance; these can fit very well in a shabby chic decorating scheme.

In terms of upholstery, you should look for a subdued color palette and vintage patterns that don’t always match. Delicate floral prints, faded calicos, and muted neutral shades are all characteristic of shabby chic decorating. You should also include some splashes of pale pinks, blues, and greens to keep with the garden motif. Shabby chic is all about a lived-in and well-loved appearance; don’t be afraid to use furniture with older, faded fabrics.

Walls & Floors

For your walls, use the same guidelines we laid out for upholstery: floral, neutrals, and white. Depending on your comfort level, shabby chic décor can be as busy or as plain as you want it to be. Some shabby chic homes mix prints all over the place – on the furniture, in their decorations, and on their walls and floors. Just remember that the more patterns you use in cottage style, the more careful you have to be that they go well together. You run the risk of having a gaudy-looking home if you go overboard on shabby chic prints.

Cottage style floors should also be lightly colored and distressed or vintage. You could opt for a hardwood or laminate floor that has an antique finish, but it should definitely be a lighter shade. Some hardwood species that are known for their light coloring are birch, maple, and white oak. If you really want to go all out with shabby chic patterns, you could opt for a floral print carpet, or carpet in a pale green, pink, or blue. For something simpler, you could just opt for white carpet. Choose off-white or ivory for that lived-in cottage look.

We hope this post provided some helpful inspiration for you if you’re considering redecorating or renovating your home. Shabby chic is an excellent choice if you are looking to infuse your home with coziness and vintage style.