Hillsborough carpet cleaning


If your carpet is getting older and your cleaning routines of vacuuming and spot cleaning aren’t quite doing the trick anymore, it might be time for you to call in the professionals. Check out this quick list from Floor Coverings International Hillsborough of signs it’s time for a carpet cleaning. You may have some big indicators right in front of you, but they can be hard to notice! If this list sounds oddly familiar, we recommend giving a professional cleaner a call today.

People tend to sneeze a lot when they come into your home, and you or a family member take daily allergy medicine.

Over time, a carpet absorbs an amazing amount of debris from the air around it. This can include the usual dust and dirt that’s tracked in from outside. But it also includes things like pollen and pet dander that are especially hard on people with allergies. A professional cleaning is able to get at the debris in your carpet that a regular vacuum misses.

You don’t think of carpet as long-lasting flooring. It looks to you like you will need to replace it sooner than you would like.

Before you jump to any conclusions, consider what cleaning options you have used so far. A professional cleaning can do great things for your carpet. While it won’t take care of some large or old stains, it can diminish discoloration to a huge degree. Your assumption may just be because you haven’t done the right cleaning yet!

You use area rugs over your carpet as much as possible and avoid having guests in the rooms where you have carpeting.

At Floor Coverings International in Hillsborough, we believe in being proud of your flooring. If you’re trying to cover up your floor, it’s a big sign that you’re not happy with it. If you’re not prepared to have new carpet put in, definitely try a professional clean. Rugs can be a great addition to a room, but they should be there because they add to the space, not because you want to hide your flooring.

Photo Credit: Syda Productions