hillsborough carpet runners wooden stairs One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Floor Coverings International is about stair coverings. It’s one of the most popular jobs we do, and at some point in the process we often get asked, “Which is better? Carpet runners for stairs or wood?” The answer is not a simple matter of which is better, though; there are different strokes for different folks, as the old saying goes. No two households are the same, so you have to decide between carpeted and wooden stairs based on your personal needs. There are a few major considerations to make before choosing, and that’s why we are here. The following are our recommendations for carpeted or wooden stairs based on certain common stair flooring issues.


A main issue in the debate about stair flooring is safety. For households with children or the elderly, safety is an even more prominent concern, so carpeted versus wooden stairs becomes quite an issue. Of course, it’s possible to slip and fall on either carpet or wood, but one of the materials is much more slip-resistant. Carpet provides more traction and cushion than wood flooring, so if you’re concerned about falling on the stairs you should go with carpeted stairs or carpet runners. A carpet runner is a strip of carpet that goes over the wood on stairs. It’s a great compromise between both stair flooring types. But yes, in general wooden stairs are not recommended for people that are concerned about slipping and falling.


Price is also a common consideration in the decision between carpeted and wooden stairs. Generally carpet is the much cheaper flooring type, but this doesn’t mean it’s always the most budget-friendly option for stair flooring. First of all, most stairs come already outfitted with wood, and carpet is an addition. To refresh the look of your wooden stairs, you can have them refinished instead of replaced, which is a money saver. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that stair flooring is usually a relatively small job. Due to the fact that you aren’t having floor coverings installed in a large space, the costs of carpet versus wood are actually similar.


Style preference also weighs heavily on the choice between carpeted or wooden stairs. Carpet runners will make your stairs look the most traditional, because the compromise of carpet and wood is an extremely popular stair flooring choice. Wooden stairs will add an air of modern elegance. On the other hand, carpeted stairs create a feeling of coziness and comfort. We are usually all for trying something different and using contrasting styles to your advantage, but you should make the style of your stairs match that of the rest of your home. Because stairs are integrated into the rest of your home, and thus the rest of your home’s decorating scheme, you should keep with the same theme.

So, keep these three main considerations in mind when choosing between carpet, carpet runners, or wood for your stair flooring, and you should be able to make a more informed decision.