If you are a Princeton homeowner looking to install hardwood flooring in your kitchen, then it may be helpful to take the following into consideration. Floor Coverings International Hillsborough knows that many homeowners are wary of having hardwood installed in rooms that see a lot of foot traffic, as the wear and tear caused by traversing feet can create dents and scuffs on your new floors. Come discover how to choose the best combination of hardwood qualities to keep your floors strong and protected.

Engineered hardwood flooring HillsboroughSolid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Did you know that not all hardwood flooring is created the same way? Most people think of solid hardwood when they think of hardwood flooring: planks that are wood through and through. There is another type of hardwood available on the market called engineered hardwood. This type of flooring is comprised of multiple layers of wood, with a plywood core that helps to make it a more stable flooring product. As a result, this type of hardwood will hold up better against water damage as it will resist warping and shrinking after coming into contact with moisture. 

Consider Distressed or Handscraped Wood

Handscraped hardwood and distressed wood flooring are two stylish and attractive ways to conceal the damaging effects a busy kitchen may have on your flooring. Because handscraped and distressed hardwood have intentionally made dents and scratches carved into the surface, additional scuffs and marks from you and your family will be less noticeable.

refinish hardwood flooring HillsboroughFinish Your Flooring

It is important to have your flooring finished, especially if you choose to go with hardwood in your kitchen. These finishing layers can help protect your wood floors from water damage, dents, and scratching. Be sure to talk to your flooring provider about your options, and discuss how often you should have your flooring refinished.

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If you’ve got a busy kitchen, you know your flooring can take a beating. Between high levels of foot traffic and a myriad of cooking messes your flooring can look worn out well before its time. That’s why it’s so important to select a hardwood floor that will hold up to high levels of wear and tear. With Floor Coverings International Hillsborough, we can help you decide on the perfect style of flooring to fit your personal needs. If you live in Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton, or surrounding areas, then give us a call to arrange your free, in-home design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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