Create a stylish, unique look for your home with the perfect carpet color. Floor Coverings International Hillsborough is proud to bring a variety of carpet colors to Franklin Township homeowners. Keep reading for our advice on different shades of carpeting!

Light Carpeting

Light carpeting can help give your home an open, airy feel. Choose a shade of light gray or white for a modern, clean look. Or, go with a light beige for a welcoming, relaxed vibe. Light flooring can bring the illusion of extra light and space to a room, which makes light carpeting ideal for rooms that are smaller or darker. Lighter carpets are more likely to show stains and discoloration, which makes them ideal for areas with light foot traffic.

bedroom carpeting

Brown Carpeting

Mid-toned carpeting in shades of beige and tan is an understated, neutral look. These carpets have a warm and natural vibe. You can also dress up such a neutral tone with almost any style of decor. Go with a deeper brown for an earthy touch, or choose beige for a classy, timeless look.

shag carpeting

Colorful Carpeting

Colorful carpeting is a fun, unexpected look for your home. Go with a muted shade for a dash of color that won’t overwhelm. Bolder shades can also work well, such as a rich red. Colorful carpeting can be a striking, trendy look when done right. Shades of red and blue are classic. Blue will give a sense of peace and calm, while red is rich and luxurious.

colorful carpeting

Dark Carpeting

Dark carpeting can create a cozy and luxurious vibe for your home. A rich chocolate brown combines class and luxury. Deep red is dramatic and royal. Sticking with neutral shades will give you more flexibility when decorating, while going with a deep, colorful carpet will bring unexpected elegance.

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