Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful addition to any home, and is renowned as one of the most timeless and durable flooring options. Hardwood floors add resale value to a home and can last a century if there are well maintained. But the key of course, is to have proper maintenance of your hardwood floors. In order to keep your flooring looking timeless and beautiful, it is important to clean them regularly. With these tips and tricks from Floor Coverings International of Hillsborough though, you’ll be well on your way to having spotless hardwood floors for years to come.

Prevention Before Intervention

They always say that the best defense is a good offense, and we find that this applies just as well to flooring as it does everything else. Preventing damage will make it easier to clean your floors and prolong their lifespan, without costly interventions. One of the first things you can do that will make the most difference is to use doormats at all entrances. This will prevent people from tracking in dirt and mud, which can build up over time and act abrasive like sandpaper against the surface of your hardwood floors. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use any mats with rubber backing though, since they will stain and discolor your floors. Prevent scratches by using furniture pads on the legs of tables and chairs as well, and you should never drag furniture across your floor. Know what type of seal and finish your floor has and discreetly spot test any cleaners ahead of time to check for damage, so that when it comes to deeper cleaning you aren’t in for a nasty surprise. Direct sunlight can also cause your hardwood floors to fade, so draw the curtains when a window is not in use, it will keep your floors looking rich in hue for longer.

Regular Cleaning

The key to keeping your hardwood flooring spotless and good as new, is to clean them regularly. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to go in and deep clean every other day, but regular sweeping and vacuuming will make all the difference in the world. You remember how we said that dirt and dust builds up and abrades the surface of your floors? Well going in with a vacuum once a week and sucking that dust up will be sure to keep your floors smooth as satin. When you want to do a more thorough cleaning you can damp mop your floors, and throw a teabag or two in the water, it’ll help bring out the floors natural wood tones.

Hardwood Flooring Don’ts

There are a couple things that are imperative to avoid when cleaning your hardwood floors. Firstly, never wet mop your floors. Hardwoods are very absorbent and sensitive to moisture, and if you submerge them in water they are likely to warp and expand. Do not use vinegar or ammonia to clean your hardwood floors, as the harsh chemicals can cause damage and etch the finish. Never let a spill sit on your hardwoods or it could set in and stain, always clean messes up immediately.

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