Bedroom with contemporary furniture and light hardwood flooring in Princeton.

Who needs a home expansion when you can simply use flooring to instantly make your place bigger?

It is frustrating to feel cramped in your own house. Maybe your Princeton home is simply on the cozier side. Or maybe the array of kids toys tends to make spaces feel a little tight. Whatever the reason, getting a little room to breathe in your home doesn’t require a sledgehammer and pry bar. 

Before you start knocking down walls, try out these flooring tricks to make your house look and feel bigger!

Opt for planks

When it comes to hardwood, planks are pros at making a room feel more spacious. Instead of using the skinnier wood strips, wood planks (which are typically five or more inches wide) eliminate the need for more seams in your Princeton home’s flooring. 

Seams are additional visual details that can make a space feel more crowded. Using the larger wooden planks bypasses some of the busyness that thin strips can bring to a room. 

Close-up medium brown plank hardwood flooring in Princeton

The bigger, the better

Hardwood isn’t the only type of flooring that can be installed in bigger chunks to create more space. Any type of flooring that is installed in individual pieces with seams — from tile to luxury vinyl — is an opportunity to make your house feel bigger. 

Opt for larger tiles and bigger pieces to limit the number of grout lines and seams. Bigger flooring pieces expand a room instantly. 

Embrace the light side

Light colors may be the most classic way to make a space look and feel bigger. Making the foundation of the room — the flooring — a color such as off-white or cool gray will effortlessly bring more light into your Princeton home. 

Not only are light floors instant house expanders, but they can make a room feel more peaceful and are one of the most stylish trends in flooring right now.

Keep it consistent

A huge win for making your house feel more spacious: making each room flow into the next. Keeping the type of flooring consistent from room to room will get rid of the visual-cramping that happens when you see a harsh line in the flooring between each space. 

If the flooring in your living room flows into the hallway and continues into your office space, each room will “melt” into the next. In effect, each room “takes on” some of the space from neighboring rooms.

Get experts on your side

The experts at Floor Coverings International are trained in how to make the most out of every space. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas, and we are excited to help make your house the best (and most spacious) that it can be. Contact Floor Coverings International Hillsborough for a free in-home consultation today, and start feeling more comfortable in your home.

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