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When it comes to flooring, it isn’t just about looks. The flooring you choose should also have the characteristics you’re looking for, such as sound-dampening and water-repelling. And for many homeowners, the comfort of walking on that flooring is of the utmost importance. Cork is a flooring type that comes with all of these characteristics and more.

The Cork Oak Tree

Cork flooring is derived from tree bark from cork oak trees. This material is highly prized around the world for its versatility and durability. Cork flooring may come from trees, but it isn’t the same as hardwood flooring. It is impermeable and is resistant to both water and fire. The bark is ground up and pressed into flat sheets before being fired in a kiln to create flooring that is tough but elastic. Hillsborough homes that feature cork flooring have a number of advantages over homes with hardwood.

The Comfort Factor

If you’ve ever gotten tired from walking on very hard surfaces, you aren’t alone. Walking on hardwoods, tile and concrete floors can cause fatigue in the feet and legs. These materials simply don’t have the give that cork does. Cork is highly popular with people who want their children to have a comfortable surface to play on. Its elasticity makes it easy to stand for long periods, and its highly insulating properties keep it warmer than tile or concrete.

Protective Qualities

When choosing materials for a home, part of that choice is about what is best for the home itself. Cork flooring is fire resistant, and it provides a strong layer of insulation to keep cold Hillsborough days a little warmer. Cork has a natural substance within it that keeps it in good condition with no rotting, and it inhibits mold. When this flooring is treated about every five years, it stays water-resistant as well. And because cork is a natural substance, it does not outgas any toxic fumes once it’s in place. Its thick, impermeable surface also dampens sound to get rid of echoes.

Flooring Performance

All of these great characteristics would be of little use if the flooring itself wasn’t strong enough to hold up to normal wear. Cork does hold up, and it has such intricate grain patterns that a scratch or dent made in it will not take away from its looks. It’s made to be tough and ready for heavy furniture and plenty of foot traffic.

Get Started Today in Hillsborough

When you’re deciding on your next flooring material, consider the many helpful qualities of cork flooring. Its comfort and durability may be just what you’re looking for. Contact the team at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough to schedule a free in-home design consultation to learn more about this and other great flooring options. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.


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