It’s time to upgrade the floors in your Princeton home, but you are having a difficult time landing on the perfect option. Everything from carpet to hardwood to stone to laminate is on the table, and the options seem endless.

Here are four reasons why slate tile from Floor Coverings International Hillsborough may be exactly what you are looking for.

Slate Tile Princeton

Added Beauty to Your Princeton Home

Replacing a floor in your home is a major decision, and it makes sense that the conversation would start with the aesthetics.

Slate, which forms naturally through metamorphic processes, is usually gray in color. It can range from very light to very dark and it also routinely contains faint markings of red, blue, cyan or green, which adds to the distinct feel of each tile.

If you are seeking more personalization, the layout is customizable  (straight lay, subway, etc.), as is the grout color, which can be light or dark to add the perfect accent to the floor.

Durability For Years to Come

You would be hard-pressed to find a floor that is more durable than slate tile. Because of that, it is incredibly strong and resistant to breaks, dents, scratches and cracks. That makes it a tremendous option for homes with a lot of activity or pets.

Still, it’s not invincible, so on the rare occasion that a tile does break, they are individually replaceable. If that happens, be sure to reach out to your Floor Coverings International Hillsborough experts to get the job fixed the right away!

Control Your Floor’s Temperature

If you like what you are reading about slate tile floors so far, you are probably going to love this. Slate floor can be temperature controlled by adding coils beneath the tiles during the installation process. Imagine that it’s early in the morning during a frigid Princeton winter and you step into your kitchen, but thanks to your heated floors you are perfectly comfortable walking around barefoot. And in the summer months the same coils will work to keep your floors nice and cool.

Up-Front Price & Future Value

Because of all the benefits that slate tile offers, including its natural beauty and long-term durability, it is among the pricier flooring options. However, during a flooring remodel it’s not only important to consider price but future value added to the home. Adding slate to a home is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home.

Take The Next Step

Hopefully you see some of the clear-cut benefits to including stone-tile in your next remodel. Whether you are ready to take the next step or would like more information, sign up for a free in-home estimate with the experts at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough today.

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