Deciding to go with carpet flooring for your Princeton home makes a lot of sense in 2020. Thanks to advancements in carpet technology, carpet is becoming a more realistic option for homeowners. Not only do we like the new carpet tech, but there are also some fun carpet trends we’ve seen over the last year!

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Carpet Technology

Discussing carpet technology seems like a weird talking point, but you wouldn’t believe how much carpet has changed over the years! For those who struggle with allergies, there are carpets available that are designed to be hypoallergenic. They use synthetic blends that repel allergens that so often get caught in carpet fibers.

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This might be hard to believe but carpets are now being manufactured to be stain and water repellent! Carpets made from nylon and recycled plastics are more durable and often more cost-effective than other options. While not as comfortable as other styles, they more than makeup for that by being so easy to clean!

Carpet Trends

Some of the recent carpet trends we’ve seen in Princeton homes have made us fall in love with carpet all over again. There are so many unique ways to customize your home with carpet. One of our favorite trends is the use of natural, earthy colors. Don’t get this confused with beige! Earth tones can come in shades like green, blue, and even red. Try experimenting with some different carpet swatches in your home to see if you find something you like.

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Finally, utilizing area rugs to switch things up is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get a feel for new designs. You can stack area rugs, swap them out with new ones, or use them to make a room feel a little cozier. The possibilities are endless!

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