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Natural carpet is often overlooked or forgotten by homeowners in favor of synthetic materials. Don’t make this mistake! There are many varieties of natural carpeting which come in a range of textures and colors, so there’s sure to be something that fits your personal style. Natural carpet is a great choice for those who want a material that is sustainable, free of toxins, and provides a unique texture and feel. Read on for why you should consider natural carpet for your next project!


Because natural carpets are made with organic materials, they are free from any potentially harmful manufacturing chemicals. Natural carpet may also be a great remedy for those suffering from allergies. Synthetic carpet will trap dust and other particles throughout its life, agitating the sinuses of those in proximity. Natural choices such as Seagrass are tightly woven to mitigate the collection of allergens.

Super tough and durable

Natural carpets are notoriously durable against the usual problems that plague indoor carpets. Their tightly woven structure, strong fibers, and natural materials are great at repelling water, and withstanding high levels of traffic.

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One of the most obvious reasons for choosing a natural carpet over synthetic is its eco-friendly origins. The popular wool carpeting for example, is shorn from sheep, meaning the material is always sustainable and quickly regrown. Natural carpets are often hand-woven, avoiding the environmentally harmful by-products of big industrial manufacturing. Materials used in many varieties of natural carpet are fully biodegradable or recyclable.

Beautiful design

Known for their signature rich tan shades and unique textures, natural carpet fibers are fantastic for those with style in mind. These materials provide a unique, often understated look that can complement a range of design interiors, while bringing something new of their own to the table.

Ready to get started?

Bring the beauty and sensibility of natural carpet into your home by talking to your local experts at Floor Coverings International Hillsborough. They can help guide you through the many options available so you find the style best for you. Schedule a FREE in-home design consultation and get started transforming your Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton area home today!

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