Bamboo makes for a stunning flooring material suitable for your entire home. Technically a species of grass, bamboo acts as an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors when sourced ethically. Continue reading to learn the benefits of getting bamboo flooring with Floor Coverings International Hillsborough.

Bamboo Floors Hillsborough


The appearance of bamboo flooring differs depending on the method used to create the plank. Strand weaving creates the most uniform appearance, which entails bonding shredded bamboo to create a smooth surface. This type of bamboo product is perfect for modern homes because it dupes the look of a light hardwood floor, with little color variation. For a more natural look, planks formed by laminating strips of bamboo in both horizontal and vertical formations, better showcases its unique variation.


This material offers the durability of genuine hardwood, with additional water-resistant properties when harvested at full growth. Furthermore, it does stain effectively if you are looking for a specific color. However, original and lighter shades are more durable over time due to the manufacturing process.

Bamboo Stained Flooring Hillsborough


Bamboo, globally considered a renewable material, is an amazing plant capable of both absorbing more carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen in comparison to many tree species. It is also easily accessible as bamboo takes 3 to 5 years to grow fully, which is one-fourth the time it takes the average tree. However, because bamboo is a newer product in the industry, it is important to buy it from a reputable flooring company, such as Floor Coverings International Hillsborough. Buying bamboo responsibly ensures it is being sourced ethically from a manufacturer that does not partake in toxic production shortcuts. It also confirms that you are purchasing top grades of bamboo while minimizing the environmental impact of your floors.

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