Frieze Carpet in Princeton NJ

Frieze carpet, which some people still call shag carpet, is a style of cut pile carpet that has a high twist level. Its long soft strands and stylish modern look make frieze a popular carpet choice for homes in Princeton. If you’re considering frieze carpet for your home, here are a few tips from [franchise_location_name] to consider:

About Frieze Carpet

The yarn in frieze carpets tends to fold over on itself, so it’s unlikely to show vacuum tracks, footprints and dirt. Because of this, frieze carpet is a low-maintenance choice popular for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms and family rooms.

Frieze carpets can be comprised of a variety of fibers, including nylon and acrylic. They are made by knotting pile through a stiff backing and then cutting it so that all fibers are the same length. (A heavy-weight frieze carpet with slightly less twist is called a cable carpet.) Because of their thick pile, frieze carpets do not come in complex designs, though some are made from variegated yarn to add texture and interest.

The disadvantage to frieze carpet is that it can be challenging to clean. Because of its thick, fluffy texture, liquids may seep into the fibers of a frieze carpet. To combat this problem, look for styles of frieze carpet that have added stain resistance.

With so many choices in fibers, styles, colors and patterns, it’s smart to start your carpeting purchase with a free in-home estimate and design consultation from [franchise_location_name]. Our experts will work with you to choose the best carpet for your Princeton home.

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