Plush Carpet in Hillsborough

What’s cozier and more inviting than a plush carpet? Pretty much nothing. Walking without shoes on a nice thick plush carpet is like having a pair of koala bears carry you around by your feet. Is it a little more high-maintenance than other carpets? Sure. Is it a little trickier to clean than vinyl or hardwood? Yeah. Is it absolutely worth it? Absolutely.

If you’re set on plush carpeting for your home or office in Hillsborough, here are a few things you need to know:

Plush Carpeting is Made for Low Foot-Traffic

You don’t see a lot of hallways with plush carpeting installed. The soft, delicate nature of plush carpets means that high foot traffic leaves it matted, flat, and unappealing. It may be tempting to want to carpet your whole home with the material so that you never have to go looking for your slippers when you want a midnight snack, but it’s not going to last more than a couple weeks if you install it in an area where people are constantly walking.

Move Your Furniture Around Now and Then

Leaving your bed or night stand in the same place for too long will eventually flatten that area of your carpet. Rearranging your furniture on a regular basis will ensure a more even feel to the carpet, rather than a few areas that are flat and matted, and a few areas that still look like new.

Keep it Away from Excessive Sunlight

Plush carpeting doesn’t hold its color as well as some of the more durable types of carpeting do. This is why you see a lot of plush carpeting in bedrooms, but not so much in living rooms where you have light flooding in at all hours of the day.

A Few Cleaning Tips

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your plush carpet:

– Don’t let spills sit for too long. Plush carpeting stains quickly.

– Test any cleaning materials before applying them to the whole carpet. On that note, if you rent a carpet shampooer, make sure to clean it out with a vinegar and water mix to get rid of any chemical residue left by a previous user.

– Use a vacuum with no beater bar. That bar is amazing for beating dirt and grime out of most carpets, but it’ll only flatten your plush carpet.

Plush carpeting isn’t the most high-maintenance flooring option in the world, but it does require a little more attention than something like luxury vinyl flooring or a standard synthetic carpet. Exercise a little bit of care and caution, and it should stay soft and fluffy for years to come.

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