Triexta Carpet In Princeton

In the world of carpet fiber, Nylon reigns supreme. But, Triexta is a new fiber that may be giving Nylon a run for its money. If you’re in the market for a new carpet for your Princeton home, it is worth considering this material that some are calling the fiber of the future. Here is everything you need to know about this durable and sustainable new fiber from the experts at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough.

What Is Triexta?

The same company responsible for the invention of Nylon invented Triexta. It is a sub-class of polyester but is more durable and resilient. You may also hear the term Triexta used interchangeably with Sorona and Smartstrand, but they all refer to the same material.


Triexta is on par with nylon in terms of durability. But unlike its nylon counterpart, Triexta is stain resistant. This is due to the hydrophobic nature of the fiber, meaning it repels rather than absorbs moisture. Most spills wipe away with water and don’t require the use of a chemical stain remover.


If you are someone who appreciates a soft carpet, Triexta might be your match. Its natural stain resistance means that it does not need to have a chemical coating on the fibers for protection. This allows it to be soft to the touch in a way that its other synthetic counterparts cannot.

One of the greatest advantages of Triexta is that it is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured using corn glucose, a renewable resource, rather than petroleum. This also means that fewer VOC’s are absorbed into the fiber compared to other materials. Effectively reducing the chemicals you’re exposed to in your Princeton home.

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Triexta is a new and exciting fiber in the world of carpet. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our experts at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough for a free in-home consultation. Our design consultants can guide you through our wide selection of carpet, and help you find the right fit for your home. We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton and the surrounding areas.

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