Bamboo Flooring in Princeton

Most Princeton homeowners associate bamboo flooring with wood, but bamboo is actually a type of grass native to China. Moso bamboo, the type used in flooring, has superior qualities that make it a beautiful choice for flooring in more ways than just the obvious:

  • Literally the fastest-growing plant on Earth, moso bamboo grows at a rate of roughly a meter a day. In its first year, this grass can grow 80 feet high and up to 8 inches in diameter. Even better? Harvesting the mature stems of the moso bamboo doesn’t disturb the mother plant. This makes for a super sustainable building material.
  • When processed using a strand-woven technique, bamboo flooring is roughly twice as hard as oak. Strand-woven bamboo creates highly durable floors that can easily last the life of your home.
  • Bamboo flooring is typically cheaper that traditional hardwood, partly due to its rapid regrowth, but it brings the same distinct beauty and elegance to any space. Used anywhere that wood is used, professionally installed bamboo floors add value to your home.

When Choosing Bamboo, Quality Counts

When it comes to bamboo flooring, it’s all about the quality. High-quality bamboo is eco-friendly and less likely to cause the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds. It typically comes with some sort of certification from an institute such as GREENGUARD that helps to ensure its air quality. Lower grade bamboo flooring can miss the mark on both counts, so be sure you know what you’re buying before taking the plunge.

Take Care to Maintain Bamboo Floors

Unlike other types of flooring, you can’t clean bamboo using water and white vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and can actually fade or discolor your gorgeous new floors and can even damage the finish. Instead, invest in a soft-bristle broom that lets you gently sweep dust and dirt particles away. Use a safe-for-wood cleaner on your bamboo floors, and dilute it with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply with a damp mop, and don’t allow water to pool for any period of time.

If you are interested in bamboo flooring in Princeton, be sure to give us a call! [franchise_location_name] offers free consultations to help you find the right floor for your needs.

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