Wool Carpet in Princeton

Certainly these days, many homes and businesses are using synthetic carpeting like nylon carpet to cover their floors and hallways. However, for some Princeton homeowners, a natural carpet option like wool may be the preferable choice.

In fact, when it comes to quality carpeting for Princeton homes and businesses, wool is the most commonly used natural fiber. You can also find many wool carpet styles at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough, and our experts can help you decide if wool is the right choice for you!

Benefits of Wool Carpeting

  • When properly maintained, wool carpeting can last for decades.
  • Wool carpet has excellent texture retention, which means it retains its original appearance well.
  • Wool carpet is fairly durable, standing up to high traffic and natural wear and tear quite well.
  • Wool is quite resistant to soiling, meaning dirt and grime don’t get as embedded in the fibers as they do with other materials.
  • Wool carpeting is incredibly safe compared to nylon and other synthetic materials because it is burn-resistant and does not catch fire easily.

Drawbacks of Wool Carpeting

  • Wool is not quite as resilient as nylon and some other synthetic fibers.
  • Wool carpeting needs more maintenance than other forms of carpet. For example, it needs to be cleaned regularly — vacuumed, and also professionally cleaned every year or so.
  • Wool tends to shed more than other carpet materials.
  • Wool carpet tends to be less stain resistant than other types of carpet, including nylon.
  • Wool carpeting tends to be rather expensive when compared with many synthetic materials.

Finding Quality Wool Carpet for Your Home

Looking for new wool carpet for your Princeton home? Wool carpeting is a great investment that adds considerable value to any property.

Call today to schedule a free, personalized, in-home consultation with one of our top Design Associates! Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough is proud to serve the greater Hillsborough area.

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