White Oak Hardwood Flooring in Franklin Township

Widely available in Franklin Township, white oak hardwood flooring has a unique appearance that adds a light and airy feel to any space. Typically light brown in color, this type of flooring may have pink or white undertones. It’s a nice placement for small rooms and hallways where a darker floor would feel constricting, yet it’s highly durable and exceptionally strong. There are other benefits to installing white oak hardwood floors as well – read on to see why this wood may be the perfect choice for your new renovation.

White Oak Floors Are Modern

Traditional wood floors of old have obvious graining — those unique lines that occur naturally in sawed wood. But white oak is subtler, meaning it looks a bit different from your older-style wood floors. Light in color, and with fainter grain, this flooring option fits well with sleek, contemporary appliances and decor.

White Oak Is Water Resistant

A better choice for kitchens and baths than other types of hardwood, white oak has a natural resistance to moisture. This makes for less chance of warping or cracking as your home ages. White oak is often used to build boats because it’s so impervious to water, but you’ll still want to take good care of this type of flooring by keeping it dry and clean at all times.

White Oak Is Reasonably Priced

Because it’s native to the U.S. and not imported, white oak is less costly than many other hardwoods. And once installed, it raises your home’s resale as well. As a hardwood, it will easily last the life of your home, especially if you refinish it.

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