Hillsborough Rubber Flooring

Reserved most commonly for gym, garage, laundry, and play room flooring applications in Hillsborough, rubber flooring is a versatile, resilient, and eco-friendly option for high-traffic and extreme-use spaces. Available by roll or by interlocking tile, rubber flooring provides an ease of installation that other flooring types can’t offer. With interlocking tiles, the tabbed edges resist twisting from foot traffic and cuts and tears. Generally, if you have a larger space in Hillsborough, rubber flooring in roll-style is more cost-effective than tile-style rubber flooring.

The synthetic composition of rubber flooring classifies it as an environmentally friendly flooring option. For many customers, the installation of flooring that supports efforts of sustainability is an attractive option in Hillsborough. Rubber flooring has a supple density that makes it an obvious choice for gyms – it will resist denting and scraping with heavy weights and fitness equipment. Because of the material used in production, rubber flooring offers shock-resistance that is significantly more supportive for home gyms and retail spaces. The surface provides pressure relief to help reduce impact stress on bones and joints.

Available in many different color and densities, the possibilities for creating unique and practical designs in your home or office are near endless in Hillsborough using rubber flooring! The interlocking tile option allows your design to be complemented with a perimeter border of contrasting color. Select a single color for a basic design or customize with multiple colors to add uniqueness and personalization to your application. In addition, it is important to select the correct thickness in Hillsborough for rubber flooring. Ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch, the thicker the flooring the more shock resistant and less likely it will be damaged.

In addition, rubber flooring is non-porous, making it resistant to moisture and grease. Once installed, this flooring is easy to clean with virtually no maintenance required. However, some in some parts of Hillsborough, rubber flooring is not recommended for exterior applications as the material are not UV-resistant and may fade over time in direct sunlight. To be sure the rubber flooring you are selecting is suitable for your project; please speak with one of our design associates. They will also help decide whether tile or roll rubber flooring is most appropriate based on size of the space, location, intended usage, and style preferences.

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