Hillsborough Stone Flooring

In Hillsborough, stone flooring is available in a range of different types – including granite, slate, marble, travertine, limestone, and sandstone. Stone surfaces have been widely used for thousands of years, across many cultures and traditions. Beyond that, stone can fit well with modern design. Stone flooring could be just right for your home – contact Floor Coverings International today for a free in-home estimate.

Stone flooring is commonly used nowadays in kitchens and bathrooms because it’s easily cleaned and highly resistant to damage.

As mentioned, types of stone flooring in Hillsborough include granite, slate, marble, travertine, limestone, and sandstone. These materials are described below.


Granite stone flooring in Hillsborough comes in an assortment of colors, including dark black, pure white, bright yellow, and more. Granite stone is extremely durable and is widely known for its high-end look throughout Hillsborough. Granite stone flooring is also commonly used in hallways and foyers as well as in bathrooms.


Slate stone floor is very slip resistant, which makes it ideal for patios and pool surrounds. Slate stone flooring in Hillsborough has a number of finishes available, including high sheen finish for a classic wet look. Additionally, slate stone floors are available in a range of colors.


Marble stone flooring is smooth and has distinctive veins of color. These veins appear because a variety of materials are used when forming marble. Marble is best used as floor tile, for countertop surfaces, and backsplashes.


In Hillsborough, travertine stone flooring is commonly used for countertops, pool surrounds, and sinks. When travertine is created, tiny pores are formed in the stone. As a result, travertine has distinct character, as well as a creamy to chocolate color range.


Limestone stone flooring is similar to marble but doesn’t have veins of color. Additionally, limestone is similar to travertine but doesn’t have tiny pores forming during creation. Limestone has a wide range of colors and is best used for flooring.


Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock. Sandstone flooring has even surfaces and often has patterns. Its colors are earthy, including brown, gold, beige, and more. In Hillsborough, sandstone is commonly used as floor tile and wall tile.