Floor Coverings International serving Princeton NJ is proud to offer Armstrong flooring. We provide a wide range of flooring options from Armstrong – ranging from hardwood to laminate. You’ll be amazed by the sheer variety of Armstrong products we can provide.

In terms of Armstrong’s hardwood flooring products, we can provide a mix of colors, looks, types of woods, construction, gloss and size. Color is the flooring’s tone – which can range from white to tan to black, and everything in-between. Look includes distressed wood, hand-scrapped wood, parquet, and more. The type of wood we can provide spans from Ash to Walnut; while construction type can be either engineered or solid wood. Finally, a floor’s gloss can be high, medium, or low. As you can tell, we are able to provide a wide variety of Armstrong flooring options for your home in Princeton NJ. Hardwood is Armstrong’s most popular type of flooring.

Floor Coverings International also offers laminate Armstrong flooring in Princeton NJ. Similarly, there are different colors, looks, gloss levels, and tone. While hardwood is the real thing, laminate is an affordable alternative that looks like the real thing. Laminate Armstrong flooring is also very durable, which can be a big plus if you have children running around your house.

In Princeton NJ, linoleum Armstrong flooring is another great option. Linoleum by Armstrong is made from all natural materials. As a result, it’s anti-bacterial and biodegradable. If you’re looking for a eco-friendly option, linoleum Armstrong flooring in Princeton NJ is a great choice.

Call Floor Coverings International serving Princeton NJ today to discuss these and more Armstrong flooring options for your home. We offer free in-home consultations and will work with you to select the perfect flooring for your home. We also offer other brands and types of flooring should you be looking for more options.